How do I password protect my projects?

Activating password protection will insure that guests will need to use a dedicated password to view your project and the files in it.


To add password protection to your project:

1. In your dashboard, hover with your mouse courser over the project for which you wish to activate password protection and click the settings button

2. Click the password protect tab

3. Toggle the Password Protect setting on.

4. Keep the suggested password or click the pencil icon to edit and create a custom password of your own

5. Click the copy button to copy the password and share it with your collaborators separately. 


There is one unified password for each project. If one team member changes it, then it is changed for all users who are shared with this project.

Editing the project password can be done by any team member who is shared with the project and that has project editing permission in his project role. 


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