Been invited to view a video? Here's everything you need to know

First time user to LookAt? Lets go through everything you need to know!

To start using LookAt and review the video shared with you, click on the link attached to the invitation email sent to you by the team member who has uploaded the video.

A new page will open in your browser, showing you the video shared with you.


Let's go through the things you can do in the LookAt review page:

Video and comments review

Play the video to see it regularly or go frame-by frame by using the left and right keys on your keyboard

Click the comments icons at the bottom of the video to view other team member's comments. clicking on a comment icon will make it appear on the video itself.



Adding a comment

  1. Click anywhere on the video
  2. Type in your comment
  3. Click "Post Now"

*Optional: Add a sketch to your comment by clicking the "brush" icon



Editing a comment

Click on the ☰ icon at the right upper corner of the screen.

You can now see all the comments made on this video by you team members.

  • Find the comment you would like to edit and click on the "pencil" icon, an input field will appear
  • Edit your comment and click anywhere outside the input field to save your comment


Deleting a comment

  1. Click on the ☰ icon
  2. Find the comment you wish to delete and click on the "trash can" icon
  3. An alert appears, Click "OK"



Ping a single or multiple users to send them an update email to re-invite them or notifying then on project changes.


 Viewing older versions

Switch between video versions by clicking the Version button on the upper right corner of the screen and choosing the version you wish to view.


Video comparison:

To compare two video versions, click the Compare button on the upper left corner of the video screen.

A double viewing window will now open. On the Version tab, choose which version to view in each window.

Click the blue Audio icon next to the version you wish to receive the audio from.

To view the comments markers on your timeline, choose the older version for the left viewer.

Press play to view the two versions side by side or click the comments markers to view only the commented frames side by side.

You can click the Compare button again at any time to go back to a single version viewing mode. 


Downloading a Video

Depending on the video preferences, you can download the video you have been shared with.

To download the video, click the Download button located on the upper left corner of the screen 


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