Video versions comparison

To compare two video versions:

  1. Upload a new version of an existing video by clicking the Upload button on the bottom of the old version thumbnail on your dashboard, or by dragging the new version video on top of it.
  2. Click on the video thumbnail on your dashboard
  3. Click the Compare button on the upper left corner of the video screen.
  4. On the Version tab, choose which version to view in each window.
  5. Click the Audio icon next to the version window you wish to receive the audio from.
  6. To view the comments markers on your timeline, choose the older version for the left viewer.
  7. Press play to view the two versions side by side or click the comments markers to view only the commented frames side by side.
  8. You can click the Compare button again at any time to go back to a single version viewing mode. The default version will always be the newest version. You can change the version on a single window viewer by clicking the Version button on the upper right corner of the screen.
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